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Restore and optimize your body’s natural balance with our preventative medical techniques.

At Bounce Back IV & Med Spa, we support the body’s natural self-healing process with a proactive approach to healthy living. Our selection of IV therapies and complementary treatments are designed to promote health and wellness and build confidence by restoring and optimizing your body’s natural balance and helping you feel your best. 

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With more than 20 years in the healthcare field, we founded Bounce Back IV & Med Spa to give you the best care and help unlock your unique potential. Our team of highly trained practitioners provides a holistic approach, at our health and wellness care center in Mount Vernon, combining medical treatments with an individual approach to enhance your health, wellness, and beauty. We’ve created a welcoming space where you can relax and really feel fantastic.


We offer you a warm welcome to our health and wellness center, where our highly trained practitioners can help you look and feel your best. Our mission is to bring a holistic approach and selection of treatments designed to help you live your best life, full of energy and joy, for life-long happiness and wellbeing. 

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