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We are proud to offer high-tech therapies that help achieve visible results. Our top-of-the-range esthetic machines deliver scientifically advanced and highly effective treatments that can help with everything from facial contouring to skin resurfacing for a fresh-faced look. Whether you're looking for laser hair removal or vaginal rejuvenation through the use of fractional radiofrequency, at BounceBackIV, we offer the very latest advances.



Pristine laser-cut diamond tips and vacuum technology provide a polished finish to the skin that helps enhance natural collagen and elastin production. With this machine, shed layers of skin and let your radiance shine.



DermaFuse uses an electric current to provide toning benefits for the face and body by re-instructing muscles to even the skin. It increases topical product penetration and is non-invasive with no downtime needed.

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This powerful, non-invasive, clinically proven vaginal rejuvenation machine can help with a variety of intimate concerns. It uses radiofrequency to help tighten and strengthen the vagina and make it more responsive.

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